Leading Innovator in Pheromone R&D and Pest Control System

We’ve devoted years of research and on-site trials that aim to bring about an environmental friendly, cost-effective, and easy-to-use pest management system.



Work with Nature

Pheromone for pest control utilizes the naturally-occurring communication system of insects. As we work with nature, pheromone is a powerful tool for pest management without issues such as pesticide resistance.


Accessible Pheromone Pest Solution for Everyone

Our pheromone products come in various formats. With these options, you can choose the pheromone product type which best suits your condition.


Safer and More Sustainable Agriculture

We are dedicated to support safe and sustainable agriculture for both growers and consumers. Pheromone itself is very low in toxicity. With its way of application, there is no direct contact of pheromone and the crops. Therefore, it is a safer option of pest control for everyone.


Continuous Innovation

With our experts in both chemical synthesis and agriculture, we are able to work on continuous innovation in pheromones and solutions for integrated pest management (IPM).

Novel Ways to Apply Pheromone

Choose the most suitable type of pheromone application for your condition from our various product types.

In-house Pheromone Synthesis

Our team of experts in chemistry synthesize insect pheromones in-house to ensure high quality of our products.

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